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Sarab Chalet, Kuwait

A bachelor’s weekend getaway seaside chalet which is meant to host friends and executives alike. The entrance is raised and punched within the otherwise blank street-side façade. Concealed and staggered orchid trees reveal the entry area gradually while approaching the parking in order to create an understatement on the outside. This is contrasted by the fully glazed seaside front surrounded and framed by a lush green landscape. The vista to the man made winding lagoons is mediated by a raised landscape connected with the ground and first floor levels. The outdoor lawn/pool area, raised from a sand beach to reclaim privacy, connects all along the glazed façade to the living/dining areas on the ground floor and the lounge through a side stair stepping atop the cut stone wall, connecting to the first floor terrace. The copper cladding on ribbed concrete screen wall, the wood formed concrete, the cut stone double height wall stepping towards the landscape, the perforated terracotta sliding panels, and the solid teak screens present a wide palette of tactility to indulge the guests and grant warmth to a space that is otherwise brave in the large spans and surfaces that are structurally daring. The L-shaped plan configuration juts out the diwaniya, on the ground floor, and the master suite, on the first floor, to engage in the framing of the landscape and further indulge, visually and physically, with the surrounding landscapes.




Principal Architect
Naji Moujaes

Habib Bitar
Kholoud Salman
Raymund Yadao
Structural Engineer: Farouki, MEP Engineer: SSHIC, Landscape: SOME, Lighting: DIB