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Sabah Al Ahmad Seacity A2, Kuwait

Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City (SAASC) is an engineering marvel where land and sea are interlaced into 7km meandering lagoons. Within this development and as a precursor to the 170,000sqm A2 Marina master plan completion in 10 years time, the Owner sought proposals for a makeshift project of 27,000sqm ‘Temporary Village’. To simulate an inherent quality of optimal sea frontage of the A2 marina and stimulate the relatively deep makeshift site, the proposal was to excavate the site into a tub and let water inland, coiling a 1km boardwalk (equal to the A2 marina waterfront) to link the seafront program in one continuous loop to the garden front, thus maintaining a waterside condition all through the project and deep within the site.
The architectural programs and activities are pinned to the boardwalk loop in the form of barges, piers, terraces and pavilions. The temporary village manages with less than 5% of built up area to simulate 100% ‘waterfront’ views and activities. The project strikes a balance between the ideals of the collective plunge in the public bath movement of the early 1900’s and the exclusive getaway of urban jetsetters and yachtsmen seeking refuge away from the crowded city.


La'ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Co


Naji Moujaes

Alia Al-Azzeh
Rohan Almeida
Hessa Al Bader
Johnny Salman
Raymund Yadao