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Gergean Box Design

Al Zain, Gergean Box
During the holy month of Ramadan, Gergean boxes are handed out with an assortment of candies inside. These boxes can be customized with names of siblings or other recipients on them to mark the event and as a gesture of friendship and generosity. PAD 10 was commissioned to design Gergean boxes for high-profile clients.
Geometric transformations associated with play on materials (acrylic, wood, velvet) generated rich objects with the edges almost dissolved in the multi-colored transparent and/or opaque surfaces. Materials included clear and multi-colored acrylic, yellow velvet with silver stamping, and engraved wood veneer. Interlocking and other joinery techniques with embedded invisible magnets were used to create inside compartments and opening mechanisms.


Naji Moujaes

Tarik Aherraki
Tarik Aherraki