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Czech National Library, Czech Republic

The design for the New National Library is conceived as the intersection of sectional relationships that are formed between different internal programmatic, topological and spatial components. It is also the outcome of external site conditions – from the adjacent park of the Letenska Plain, the view of the Prague Castle, and the Skyline of the City itself.
Between these two conditions, the architecture of the library emerges as a series of five individuated yet interrelated wings to form a marker on the site, a footnote for a new relationship between architecture and culture in Prague, and a commentary on the historical layers of the city and their architectural manifestations.



Naji Moujaes

George Boueri
Fumio Hirakawa
Makram el Kadi
Salim al Kadi.

Principal Architects:
Ziad Jamaleddine
Naji Moujaes.