Private Residence, Qatar

The project typology is a cross between the introverted courtyard tradition and the landscape – immersed western villa. The most prominent surrounding landscape-the sea, is let in through the different forms of water landscapes (swimming pool, lap infinity pool, reflecting pools), reclaiming the horizon all through the site, reversing an otherwise dead-end condition; though privacy could be obtained through the vertical shield of the waterfall connecting the two pools stacked vertically. The villa knits its wings in and away from the landscape organizing the relationships among the living quarters on the ground floor, and the master’s quarters and the guest quarters on the second floor.

The living quarters are accessed sideways, and are located adjacent to the pool, with views of the sea. The sitting area, dining area and kitchen are backed up alongside the reflecting pools in the courtyard. A basement, with light from the reflecting pools, has direct access from the kitchen and sitting areas for multipurpose rooms, servants’ quarters, storage, and technical rooms.

Privacy for the master’s quarters is attained through one leg of the villa dipped in the landscape, ramping up to the second floor to give direct exclusive car access to a private outdoor terrace with a lap infinity pool and a private wing of sleeping – living, all tucked to the far end of the site, seemingly floating over the sea. Another drop-off shortcut is provided from the courtyard outdoor directly to the master’s living quarters on the second floor.

The guest quarters on the second floor have their direct access from the entry area. An open plan provides sleeping and living for hosted guests with façades lining the front of the building and tilting away from the master’s terrace wing to maintain its privacy, yet open the views to the sea. A light-well cuts through the quarters providing light to the quarters and the courtyard underneath.


Principal Architect
Naji Moujaes