BIM Manager – PAD10

This position will require and primarily use ArchiCAD. Strong computer, technical and communication skills are essential and required. Due to the collaborative nature of coordination using BIM tools, candidate must also have the ability to seek out and resolve issues through close interaction with other project team members and consultants. Experience with AutoCAD and IFC workflow are mandatory also.


Duties and Responsibilities may include:

  • Work with the architectural team and manage their output in a timely manner with required quality.
  • Coordinate with principal architect and circulate and work with architects to achieve deliverables.
  • Work on ArchiCAD and manage others input on the same. Receive and manage multiple subcontractor models.
  • Ensure the following in the BIM environment:


  • Create, maintain and analyze model for presentation, layout, and coordination purposes.
  • Review and document design document and coordination conflicts.
  • Run and analyze clash detection on model.
  • Communicate conflicts in model; both real and potential.
  • Prepare and distribute clash reports to facilitate the coordination process.
  • Assign, strategize, and facilitate sign off and submittal of coordinated work areas.
  • Meet with designers and help provide required presentations and models.
  • Create models including interior and exterior architectural elements.
  • Coordinate with BIM service providers and Sub-consultants.
  • Compile contract BIM close out documentation.
  • Provide and tabulate schedules from model as required.
  • Manage and facilitate 3D-printing.
  • Requirements:


  • Qualifications:
    • Knowledge of design and document coordination.
    • Knowledge of construction nomenclature and techniques (means and methods).
    • General understanding of various building types.
    • Good communication and training skills (verbal and written).
    • Strong teaching and coaching skills to bring new team members up to speed.
    • Ability to communicate the benefits of BIM, both for internal and external purposes.
    • Passion about BIM and how it can be used to improve the productivity of those who work in design and construction.


  • Objectives or Goals to measure performance:
    • Keep current and standardized BIM files with all team members well-coordinated.
    • Timely and accurate preparation distribution of information to team members.
    • Improve personal professional growth and education.
    • Demonstrate positive team attitude and interpersonal effectiveness.
    • Update software batches and ensure all team members are following standards.
    • Train and update team members and sub-consultants on best practices, fitting with current softwares versions.




  • Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Architecture.
  • Minimum of 10 years of progressive responsibility working in BIM environment and in an architectural firm.
  • A thorough understanding of all building systems and construction methods.
  • Bilingual fluency, Ar & En, spoken and written.


Vacancy is part-time or full-time. 

Upload your cv with work samples in a single pdf format file (max file size: 5MB)